Accessing Student Talent

London College of Fashion's Careers Team can help employers source student and graduate talent for industry projects, placements and paid jobs, within the fashion and lifestyle industries. Find out about all the different ways we can help.


Advertise an opportunity

You can advertise for short-term work experience and long-term work placements, as well as full and part-time jobs via LCF Careers Live. Your posting will be seen by over 5,000 registered LCF students and alumni. If you would like additional information, please call our team on 020 7515 7517.

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When advertising a role, we ask that you provide a detailed job description so that students have a full understanding of the role before they send through an application to you. We also ask that you complete a risk assessment in advance for work experience and placement opportunities.

Risk assessments

The Health & Safety Executive advises that students on work placements are regarded as employees for the purpose of the Health & Safety Act 1974. Employers have primary responsibility for ensuring the health and safety of students on work placements. We therefore ask that you complete a risk assessment questionnaire prior to taking on one of our students - this will enable us to assess the level of risk attached to the placement. We also ask that all UK companies have Employer’s Liability Insurance in place and international companies have an equivalent insurance in place. For more information, please refer to the Employer’s Guide.

National Minimum wage

Companies need to carefully differentiate between work shadowing, volunteering, short-term work experience, internships, and graduate positions. Businesses need to be fully aware of their responsibilities, depending on this differentiation and the National Minimum Wage (NMW) requirements which they will need to meet if a student has undertaken any work within a company which is not an accredited work placement.

For more information on NMW and the new regulations from the HMRC, please visit:

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Accredited long term placements

Work placements refer to longer-term (6 to 12 month) positions within a company. They are formally recognised by the University through a separate qualification known as the Diploma in Professional Studies (DIPS). Students from selected courses can undertake a work placement upon successful completion of two years of their undergraduate degree. Placements should be paid: salaries start from National Minimum Wage.

The team will provide you with a comprehensive support programme throughout the placement process, from application stage to advice and support while the student is working with you. Each student has access to a Careers Officer and a DiPS Coordinator, who are on hand to provide support during the placement.


  • Flexible low cost recruitment solution
  • Fresh insight and approach to your business needs
  • Profile raising across our student body
  • Staff development for your teams
  • Good way to trial someone before hiring them
  • Support for one-off projects that need attention

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Accredited short term work experience

Work experience is a short period of time (up to 10 weeks) that a student spends with your business, during which they have an opportunity to learn directly about working life and the working environment. Work experience positions offer students the chance to try their hand at a particular task, or simply to watch and learn. It is an accredited part of a student's curriculum and usually takes place in the second year of study. Over the years, we have placed our students in a wealth of exciting opportunities.

Industry projects

Sponsored projects are a true partnership between the company and the students, offering genuine creative involvement. Companies set students a ‘live’ project brief and benefit from the experience by getting the students’ fresh and innovative outlook on their brand. Students involved in projects get the opportunity to put their knowledge and creative skills to work on a live brief, ranging from design, promotional concepts, photographic campaigns or the creation of a product.

These partnerships enable a large number of students to participate on a single industry brief in a short space of time. They allow the company to gain access to a wide range of new talent, skill and experience. The projects are usually integrated into the second year of an undergraduate degree. Students are guided and critiqued by highly experienced academic staff, many of whom still work in, or are closely associated with, the fashion industry.


  • Fresh ideas and solutions to real problems
  • Low cost, low risk investigation of “back-burner” ideas
  • The opportunity to identify new talent for employment
  • The mental stimulation of interacting with bright, energetic, creative young minds
  • Networking opportunities with other companies and academics at the College
  • Profile and promotional opportunities as part of the exciting creative partnership

For more information, please contact Adam Watling, Careers Team Manager,

"Working with LCF fashion students was a great exercise for Next. Their knowledge and passion for the industry were very impressive."

Simon Wolfson, Chief Executive, Next

"Working with LCF has been fantastic – as inspirational for our guys as it has been hopefully for yours!"

Peter Ruis, Buying and Brand Director, John Lewis

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Some examples of recent industry projects:

More ways to get involved

We work with companies in a variety of exciting ways and are always keen to find opportunities to bring you into the College.

  • Dazed Fashion Editors speak to LCF students

    Inside the Industry

    A series of talks and workshops delivered by our industry partners in collaboration with LCF Careers, designed to enhance students' skills and/or understanding of the industry.

  • Students and industry milling about in hall

    Careers Events

    We invite our industry contacts to showcase opportunities and take part in our career related events to provide an insight into industry.

  • Scholarships

    Can you help us change lives? Scholarships provide vital support for talented students, open up opportunities for those who would not otherwise have the chance to fulfil their potential, and provide financial assistance for students who need it most.

  • Mentoring scheme

    Our mentors are industry professionals who guide and support students throughout their journey at LCF and into the world of work.

  • Competitions

    Competitions are a fantastic way to engage with LCF talent. Some of our past successes have included the Uniqlo and Dazed and Confused Science of Style Project, the Illamasqua Distinction in Make-up Artistry Awards and the Jones and Jones collaboration competition.

    Get in touch about creating a competition:

  • Employer advisory boards

    Regular feedback from industry is fundamental to the continuing success and development of all our courses. We invite industry to contribute ideas, and debate current issues relating to skills development and our curriculum at Employer Engagement Panels.