Postgraduate courses at Central Saint Martins are where the next set of ideas and methods in particular disciplines are forged. We lead not follow. Steeped in a research environment, our postgraduate courses and students develop the agendas as to where the creative industries and intellectual debate might go next.

  1. What happens when you mix an arts school with a business school? The Central Saint Martins Birkbeck MBA is a different kind of MBA that places creative approaches and social engagement at the heart of future management and leadership.

  2. Marika Grasso

    The Graduate Diploma in Fashion is a one-year programme for fashion graduates, aiming to prepare sophisticated designers for the next stage of their careers.

  3. Image of an actress leaning over an ornate balcony

    MA Acting is an intensive 45 week conservatoire actor training course. Eight weeks of the course are spent studying in Moscow.

  4. A photo of a series of illustrated drawings of sheep

    Apply your imagination by framing an original and personal research project and question existing assumptions and boundaries in one or more of the creative disciplines.

  5. Image of a student standing next to a sign

    In this course you'll explore the edges of the disciplinary boundaries of architecture, and test design approaches which respond to the burgeoning need for contemporary city design.

  6. Khanga Drawing of Kariakoo, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
    Alma Mpungwe | Khanga Drawing of Kariakoo, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

    The M ARCH: Architecture course is uniquely positioned at Central Saint Martins to draw on the dynamic design thinking and making skills from a range of art and design practices, as well as providing you with the second degree in the professional pathway toward registration as an architect – commonly referred to as Part Two.

  7. Image of two ballet dancers dancing

    MA Arts and Cultural Enterprise acknowledges the need for multi-skilled individuals who can both generate the ideas for original arts and cultural events, and provide leadership for the teams that realise them.

  8. Hannah Scott

    This pioneering course investigates the creative relationships between art and science and how to communicate them.

  9. Animation of a shrugging boy wearing glasses
    Kunzhan Tao

    Ideas for stories and characters, but not sure how to go about it? Want to make your drawings move? MA Character Animation appeals to designers, artists, illustrators and others who want to learn how to animate.

  10. projection on ceiling
    Katrin Elmer

    MA Contemporary Photography; Practices and Philosophies is a contemporary fine art photography course that explores the possibilities of both visual and conceptual expression, merging research deeply with practice. The course is rooted in the idea that photography has no self-limiting identity or essence.

  11. MA Culture, Criticism and Curation offers a unique framework for critically engaging with the history and present scenarios of culture.

  12. MA Design focuses on your individual design practice and, through making and immersion in material processes, will broaden your career and research horizons.

  13. MA Dramatic Writing

    The Masters in Dramatic Writing at Central Saint Martins is an extended full-time course delivered over two years. It provides a challenging though supportive learning environment through which students explore the craft of writing for drama and performance.

  14. Catwalk image of a model
    Kim Jones

    MA Fashion has an international profile second to none. It has extensive industry links, and graduates practice professionally at the forefront of international fashion. This postgraduate course is about leading not following.

  15. Image of a worried looking woman wearing pearls
    ABC Valley, Julie Schroer

    With its three distinctive but interconnected pathways, this one-year course (running from January to December) is for dynamic students looking to thrive within the fashion communications industry at the highest level.

  16. Juliana Dorso

    The MA Fine Art Course supports a broad range of experimental practices. This course will test and challenge your individual practice, bringing it into a contemporary critical context. Events, exhibitions and discussion help to build and challenge both individual and collective practices. The international profile of the course means that the community we foster is culturally diverse.

  17. A hand with an extra thumb
    Ruiyang Ma - Six

    As the ‘carrier signal of the 21st century’, graphic communication design touches every sphere of human life, impacting profoundly on culture, technology, social justice, economics, the built environment, globalisation, policy, sustainability and much more.

  18. MA Industrial Design applies intellectual development directly to design practice, developing students who can take on strategic roles, identify and respond to trends, to initiate new design approaches, and to thrive in multidisciplinary teams.

  19. MA Innovation Management recognises the need to identify and verify opportunity. It deploys connective and creative approaches to managing innovation in order to synthesise opportunities.

  20. Caroline Anguilo | Mind Wandering Bloom

    The intersection of craft, science and technology. Material Futures is a two-year Masters course dedicated to exploring how we will live in the future through trans-disciplinary practice and expert collaboration.

  21. Jailin Deng – Whispery Savoury

    You'll design visitor experiences and events for museums, brand, urban and community environments and work in small multidisciplinary teams to tell stories through text, image, sound and physical space. You'll benefit from strong industry links that provide live, funded projects, mentors and placements.

  22. This course brings together artists, directors, writers, researchers and designers to set the agendas that will drive performance practice in the 21st century. Graduates go on to professional practice, working as influential directors, writers and producers in theatre, TV, film, opera or dance, or progress to research degree study.

  23. MA Screen Acting course specialises in giving the actor a rigorous and intense conservatoire training focused on delivering performance for the screen.

  24. Image of a clapper board
    Yorgos Karavasilis

    This intensive course gives you a unique insight into an actor's conservatoire training, giving the director the intellectual and artistic tools to better communicate and stimulate a creative performance from actors on film.

  25. Black and white image of people viewing an exhibition

    Highly relevant for both artists and writers, this course theorises art from a contemporary perspective embracing ideas in Continental philosophy, The Marxist intellectual tradition, as well as psychoanalytic and feminist theories.

  26. A unique Research Masters degree devoted to the study of Artists' Moving Image.

  27. Two people talking over a round-table

    MRes Art: Theory and Philosophy promotes dialogue amongst practitioners and theorists about art discourse today. Highly relevant for both artists and writers, the course theorises art from a contemporary perspective embracing ideas in Continental philosophy, The Marxist intellectual tradition, as well as psychoanalytic and feminist theories.