Fine Art Lecture Series

Camberwell College of Arts undergraduate Fine Art lecture series runs weekly throughout the academic year. Leading national and international artists, curators and theorists reflect upon their current work or trends and developments within Fine Art Practice. Talks are open to all students from BA Drawing, BA Painting, BA Photography and BA Sculpture.

  • Move for Life - Mark Titchner
    Move for Life - Mark Titchner

    Mark Titchner

    The 2006 Turner prize nominee discusses his work and influences

  • Martin Creed
    Martin Creed

    Martin Creed

    Talk and performance from the British artist and musician

  • Hal Foster
    Hal Foster

    Hal Foster

    Lecture by leading American art critic and historian

  • Suprematist Composition - Kazimir Malevich
    Suprematist Composition - Kazimir Malevich

    Legacies of Malevich

    Abstraction then and now

  • Merlin James
    Merlin James

    Merlin James

    The artist on what he calls an 'anti-manifesto for painting'